Kodwa: Govt must find solution to ongoing taxi violence, sooner or later

He met volunteers from Mandalay on Tuesday who are patrolling the local shopping complex to prevent looting.

Deputy Minister Zizi Kodwa in Cape Town on 20 July 2021. Picture: Kevin Brant/ Eyewitness News.

CAPE TOWN - Deputy State Security Minister Zizi Kodwa has addressed the issue of taxi violence in Cape Town.

He met volunteers from Mandalay on Tuesday, who are patrolling the local shopping complex to prevent looting.

This on the back of riots and looting in Gauteng and Kwazulu-Natal last week.

Community members organised themselves into groups to take a stand against looting, violence and vandalism in the area.

Kodwa said these volunteers joined hands with law enforcement bodies to protect resources.

“Today, we have got a number of malls in the township and many of them are owned by small businesses. As you know, small businesses are the biggest absorber of unemployment. If you destroy this property, I cannot imagine how many people will be affected by that and will not be able to come to work here.”

He's also addressed deadly taxi violence playing out across Cape Town, urging key players to resolve the impasse.

“Of course, working with government as a regulation and sooner or later we must find a solution to this problem, it can’t go on. We have seen people, in this cold weather of Cape Town, queueing without public transport and the taxi industry is a very important mode of transport especially for the poor.”

Kodwa said government was not on the backfoot when it came to resolving deadly feuds playing out in the taxi industry.

He said Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula was working to stabilise the situation.


Commuters said it was unfair that they were bearing the brunt of a deadly feud between taxi associations.

The ongoing impasse over routes is now also affecting the Golden Arrow Bus Service leaving hundreds of commuters stranded.

The bus company is running a limited service after a driver suffered a gunshot wound to the mouth on Monday.

Seeking refuge from the rain under an umbrella along Jakes Gerwel Drive, these Langa residents express their frustrations at being at the mercy of the ongoing taxi feud.

“There must be a solution in all of this, there must be a solution because we have to go to work,” one commuter said.

Another added that: “We don’t have cars, so we’re depending on these taxis.”

Kodwa stresses that government has to find a way to restore peace to the sector.

“There a number of proposals that Minister Mbalula has already made to the public and to the Cabinet.”

Provincial authorities have been meeting with national government, taxi associations and law enforcement agencies to address the issue.

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