Your July Netflix guide: 'The Sinner S3' & Van Damme is 'The Last Mercenary'

Eyewitness News Lifestyle brings you the movies, series and documentaries you can expect on Netflix this month.

'The Last Mercenary' will drop on Netflix on 30 July 2021. Picture: Netflix/Supplied.

JOHANNESBURG - This month Netflix guarantees to keep you warm with more bingeworthy content.

Starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, Alban Ivanov and Éric Judor, The Last Mercenary sees a former secret service agent return to France to help his son get out of trouble.

Orange is the New Black makes a comeback with its final Season 7 and has a recently paroled Piper trying to get back on her feet.

Here's some of the other content dropping on Netflix this month:

We The People - 7/4/2021
Learn the basics of rights and citizenship with upbeat songs by popular artists like Janelle Monáe, H.E.R., Adam Lambert, Brandi Carlile and more.

RESIDENT EVIL: Infinite Darkness - 7/8/2021
Years after the horrors of Raccoon City, Leon and Claire find themselves consumed by a dark conspiracy when a viral attack ravages the White House.

Never Have I Ever: Season 2 - 7/15/2021
A new love life, a new classmate and new reasons to bicker with mom give Devi plenty more ways to make courageous moves... and questionable decisions.

A Perfect Fit - 7/15/2021
When fashion blogger Saski walks into a Bali store looking for the perfect shoes for a big event, she inadvertently alters her destiny.

Explained: Season 3 - 7/16/2021
From monarchies to mea culpas, pooches to plastic surgery, explore a wide range of fascinating topics in this celebrity-narrated docuseries.

The Rational Life - 7/18/2021
A career-driven 30-something must contend with a cutthroat workplace, a love triangle and her nagging mom.

Chernobyl 1986 - 7/21/2021
After reuniting with a lost love, firefighter Alexey retires to begin a new life - but the Chernobyl disaster suddenly plunges him back into danger.

The Sinner: Season 3 - 7/22/2021
Detective Harry Ambrose investigates various atrocious murder cases and tries to analyse the reasons behind ordinary people committing heinous crimes.

Orange Is the New Black: Season 7 - 7/27/2021
In the show's final season, a recently paroled Piper tries to get back on her feet while life in Litchfield, as corrupt as ever, goes on without her.

The Last Mercenary - 7/30/2021
Twenty-five years after he made a deal with the French Secret Service to protect his son, an agent is forced out of hiding.

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