Justice Dept: We are boosting efforts to probe why LGBTQIA+ attacks on the rise

Government and civil society groups have met to discuss the hate crimes.

FILE: John Jeffery. Picture: GCIS

JOHANNESBURG - The Justice Department on Thursday said it was bolstering efforts to investigate why attacks on the LGBTQI+ community were increasing and how the attitudes of South Africans contributed to this.

Government and civil society groups met to discuss the hate crimes.

As most parts of the world commemorated Pride Month last month, South Africa recorded at least three murders driven by homophobia.

Deputy Justice Minister John Jeffery said the rise in hate crimes and gender-based violence was concerning.

“These attacks are extremely concerning and put the dignity, welfare of all people of different sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression in South Africa at heightened risk. Individuals in these communities are not only subjected to hate crimes, at the same time, we are also seeing allegations of homophobia and bullying of LGBTQIA+ learners in our schools in our country.”

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