'Warm, calm, a steady hand': 702 pays tribute to technical guru Dan Maswanganye

Current and former 702 employees pay tribute to technical manager Dan Maswanganye, who passed away due to Covid-19 complications.

Dan Maswanganye: Pic Supplied

Primedia Broadcasting is mourning the death of its technical manager in Johannesburg, Dan Maswanganye.

Fondly known as Bra Dan, he passed away in hospital on Tuesday night due to Covid-19 complications.

Bra Dan has been described as a consummate professional who was warm, welcoming and had infectious laughter.

He worked at Primedia Broadcasting for 37 years. He leaves behind his wife and children.

Bra Dan was an institution, a consummate professional. Above all, a decent soul who adored his family.

Thabisile Mbete, 702 station manager

Bra Dan was a legend. A kind man. Great sense of humour. He loved his family. He opened doors for the next generation of technical producers.

Azania Mosaka, show host

I’ve known Bra Dan since 2002 when I started at 702 as a youngster. He was kind, always had time to assist with a technical issue, no matter how small and insignificant, his sense of humour was one of a kind. Always ready to share a laugh or a joke, he was mischievous, one of the things I loved about him. He was brilliant at what he did and will be a massive loss.

Jonathan 'Khabazela' Fairbairn, show producer

Bra Dan was the guy. He was the glue that held it all together. He was always there every OB, every ANC conference, every election. He always had the cable you needed, calling everyone 'Nkosazana' with a beautiful smile on his face and always laughing no matter how panicked the talent was. Ah! Bra Dan, 702 has lost a piece of itself.

Mandy Wiener, show host

I remember so clearly doing a very difficult outside broadcast at the end of the Manguang ANC conference, in the middle of Bloemfontein, in someone else's radio station, someone else's town, nothing worked. I didn't know what to do and Dan walked in and he did something so powerful. He just sat beside next time and we did the show together. Just his reassurance.

Stephen Grootes, former 702 presenter

There was no outside broadcast that was a success, that was solid, without Bra Dan behind the scenes keeping things together. I will miss him, I loved working with him, he was a steady hand, a calm voice. He loved to laugh, he just cracked up about nothing.

Redi Tlhabi, former 702 presenter

Dan was one of the unsung heroes of 702, one of the technical geeks who got all the criticism when things went wrong but none of the credit when they went right. He never got cross, he was a gentle guy, a man of few words.

John Robbie, former 702 presenter

I am devastated and gutted to hear of the passing of my friend and colleague. He played such a big role in my broadcasting career. I have known Dan for more than 30 years, he was one of the first people I met at 702. He was that guy who always smiled. He was always positive and never had anything bad to say about anyone.

Aki Anastasiou, former 702 presenter

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