'COVID is a real killer': CT boy (8) urges compliance after family's ordeal

Connor McKenzie (11), his two younger brothers, Carter (8) and Callum (5) and their parents contracted the virus during the second wave in February.

The McKenzie family tested positive for the coronavirus in February and have called on their fellow South Africans to adhere to protocols. Picture: Supplied

CAPE TOWN - COVID-19 cases are continuing to climb around the country as the third wave tightens its noose around the nation.

There has been an uptick in Gauteng, which leads the current infection rate.

In a plea for residents to comply with safety precautions, two little boys from Parow in Cape Town were adding their voices in the fight against the virus.

Connor McKenzie, his two younger brothers and their parents contracted the virus during the second wave in February.

Eleven-year-old Connor McKenzie, eight-year-old Carter and five-year-old Callum never envisioned that they'd also contract the disease after their parents tested positive.

Connor said that the frightening experience was something that he never wants to relive and that he panicked.

"It wasn't great at all. I was scared because I sleep by my grandparents every weekend. When we got infected with COVID, I was scared because I slept there, so just please stay safe everyone."

The boys' mother, Kelly, who's a high school teacher, said that she was grateful that her children's symptoms weren't as severe as what she and her husband experienced.

"The effects of COVID-19 on the little ones, they bounce back really quickly but it was still obviously scary," she said.

Carter is urging the public to adhere to health safety rules, to prevent further hospitalisations and loss of life.

"COVID is a real killer. Please guys, can you please keep away from others? Please stay safe, wear your mask, sanitise."

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