Dube residents vow power protest will go on despite Eskom’s promise to intervene

Residents have been protesting for two days, saiying they have been without electricity for eight months.

Image: © Warongdech Thaiwatcharamas/ 123rf.com

JOHANNESBURG – A ward councillor in Dube, Soweto, has assured residents that power utility Eskom will install prepaid meters to some parts of the area.

This follows two days of protests in the township due to power being cut.

Residents claim they have been without electricity for eight months.

Day two of the protest saw residents blocking roads with tyres and rocks.

As the protests continued, ward councilor Ben Seahutse was locked in a meeting with Eskom Officials.

Following that meeting, Seahutse gave feedback to angry community members.

“Eskom says they have appointed the contractor that is going to install prepaid meters and do an audit. After that they will install the box and light it.”

He pleaded with the public to stop the protest, but that did not go down well with residents, who vowed to continue demonstrating.

According to the ward councillor, Eskom technicians will be on the ground on Monday to begin the process of auditing before they start installing pre-paid meters.

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