Singh admits not knowing about hidden tabs on Excel spreadsheets

Former Transnet CFO, Anoj Singh, told the state capture inquiry that he did not work with spreadsheets but that they were prepared for him.

A screengrab of former Eskom CFO Anoj Singh appearing at the state capture inquiry on 22 April 2021. Picture: SABC/YouTube

JOHANNESBURG - State capture commission evidence leader Advocate Anton Myburgh has been laughing at former Transnet CFO, Anoj Singh.

Singh said that he did not know that Excel spreadsheets sent to him by Regiments Capital contained details of money laundering payments or that he had to open hidden tabs to see the information.

Myburgh asked Singh repeatedly how he could say that he did not know a basic accounting tool.

Singh said that he did not work with spreadsheets but that they were prepared for him.

"I would assume that you have good Excel computer skills?" Myburgh asked Singh.

"I would say average," Singh replied.

"But as the group chief financial officer of Transnet and Eskom, this is your bread and butter, correct?" Myburgh put to Singh.

"Not really sir," Singh said.

The state capture commission also showed Singh payments made to Gupta money laundering companies that corresponded with contracts and payments made by the rail agency.

One of the contractors appointed by Singh, Regiments Capital, listed Gupta money laundering companies as its supplier development partners.

But he said that he thought that they were subcontractors and thought nothing of this.

Evidence leader Advocate Anton Myburgh detailed corresponding payments to Gupta money laundering companies and how they linked regiments’ eric wood to Singh.

"Just under another R90 million worth of laundry payments have been made in respect of Regiments/McKinsey contracts in the 2014/15 year. Dated invoice 2 June 2015 and then there's invoice number and then there's the project, China Development Bank, and there we see the R189 million that was paid, we've been through this," Myburgh said.

"An email from Mackoney to Eric Wood on the 8th of May 2015. Shortly after that, I think two minutes later, Mr Wood forwards it to you," Myburgh added.

Singh has denied that he knew that Salim Essa and his companies were paid millions for securing contracts through him.

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