Myeni to Zondo: Tsotsi wanted to use me as a scapegoat as he faced corruption

Dudu Myeni said she helped Zola Tsotsi with advice on how to appoint a legal advisor and to set up a meeting with former President Jacob Zuma.

FILE: Former SAA board chairperson Dudu Myeni. Picture: Eyewitness News.

JOHANNESBURG - Former South African Airways (SAA) board chair Dudu Myeni said on Tuesday former Eskom board chair Zola Tsotsi wanted to use her as a scapegoat to hide issues of corruption that he was facing.

Myeni said she helped Tsotsi with advice on how to appoint a legal advisor and to set up a meeting with former President Jacob Zuma.

She has testified before the state capture commission after a failed attempt to postpone her testimony.

Myeni said Tsotsi was facing problems at Eskom.

He asked former President Zuma’s wife to arrange a meeting with Zuma but failed and he sent associate Jabu Maswanganye to her to ask her to set up the meeting.

Myeni said all she saw at Zuma’s residence was Zuma greeting Tsotsi and legal advisor Nick Linell.

But she never attended or chaired a meeting on Eskom as the two alleged.

“To go and get instructions from another chairperson of a board or to take instructions from the president, would be undermining the minister. It’s a lie and misleading the commission,” she said.

Myeni said if Tsotsi and Linell conspired to lie about it, it was because she worked for Zuma who was a wanted person.

WATCH: Dudu Myeni denies allegations of personal interests in Eskom affairs

Myeni said it was just a coincidence that two meetings that she allegedly called to discuss Eskom affairs were held at Zuma’s residences and it was not true that she chaired the meetings.

But she has told the state capture commission that she agreed to meet Tsotsi or arrange meetings for him at Zuma’s residences at the same time that she had organised meetings of Zuma’s foundation.

“I could ask Mr Seleka if Mr Tsotsi and the board appointed Mr Linell to advise them, if they did appoint him, he was doing his job, so I don’t where I come in.”

Tsotsi and consultant Linell said they were called to Eskom meetings by Myeni.

First to the presidential guest house in Pretoria and then to Zuma’s residence in Durban. Myeni said it was not true.

But Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo found this odd: “Mr Tsotsi and Mr Linell, who did not know each other before this thing, conspire against you that they must falsely implicate you as having an active role in this meeting. You and your board at SAA had given him business, why would Mr Linell turn against you?”

Myeni said it was all a set up: “I am associated with Jacob G Zuma through his foundation.”

She has until 7 June to submit answers to aviation questions that she didn’t answer.

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