Interrupted water supply in parts of Joburg leaves Helen Joseph Hospital dry

Joburg Water is warning Brixton, Hursthill, and Crosby are likely to be affected.

Helen Joseph Hospital. Picture: Facebook.

JOHANNESBURG - Large parts of Johannesburg can expect another day of interrupted water supply.

Joburg Water is on Monday warning that Brixton, Hursthill, and Crosby are likely to be affected.

It’s understood a below-average inflow of water into the system has left reservoirs and towers at low levels.

The disruptions, which have been ongoing for close to a week now, have affected healthcare facilities.

The Democratic Alliance’s Jack Bloom said the water shortage had become unbearable for staff and patients at the Helen Joseph Hospital: “At least one patient had to order water from outside to give to fellow patients in his ward, toilets are stinking, there is going to be a big backlog of operations that had to be cancelled. I think it’s intolerable that Johannesburg Water inflicts this sort of thing on the hospital and the surrounding suburbs.”

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