Mngoma challenges Gigaba to prove she is lying about his Gupta dealings

Norma Mngoma claims Malusi Gigaba couldn't have funded his father's building project because he was also battling to keep up with his father's hospital bills at the time.

FILE: Mngoma said she was not testifying to get back at her estranged husband, and she is not bitter. Picture: Supplied

JOHANNESBURG – Norma Mngoma has challenged her estranged husband, Malusi Gigaba, to produce proof that refutes her allegation that one of the Gupta brothers funded the building of Gigaba's father's house.

Mngoma is back at the state capture inquiry on Friday morning after her evidence was cut short on Thursday night because of what was described as a serious security threat.

She said her split from the former minister was not the reason she decided to appear at the commission.

Mngoma claims Gigaba couldn't have funded the building project because he was also battling to keep up with his father's hospital bills at the time.

At the same time, Gigaba denies that the Guptas gave him R400,000 to pay his sister’s debt, or that he arranged a marketing job for her at Sahara Computers.

Gigaba admitted that his sister, an optometrist, worked at Sahara; but said she got the job on her own.

“I asked him, ‘What did you say to your Dad?’ ‘How are you going to help out? Where are we going to get that kind of money?’ He said he was going to raise it with Ajay, and a few days later Malusi said he is going to talk to them. Then when he came back, he said they agreed but they won’t give him the whole amount at the time. They would only give him half.”


Mngoma said it was not true that she told her estranged Gigaba that state security and African National Congress officials wanted to use her to destroy him politically.

She said he was lying when he said her testimony at the state capture commission was part of that scheme.

Gigaba alleged in his affidavit that the car Mngoma now drives was bought for her in exchange for her cooperation but she denied this, saying she bought it herself.

He said Mngoma told him that her lawyer advocate Tembeka Ngcukaitobi was close to the commission chair and was excited to get her to testify against him.

Ngcukaitobi represented Mngoma in court and the commission in the Jacob Zuma Constitutional Court contempt of court application.

But Mngoma denies that she tried to blackmail Gigaba with this link.

“This is a lie; Malusi just likes picking on Ngcukaitobi.”

Gigaba is expected to appear at the commission later on Friday.

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On Thursday, Mngoma has said she didn't understand why Gigaba,was still protecting the Guptas – who she said made his life hell.

Mngoma told the Zondo inquiry that she advised him to tell the truth but instead, he refused to divorce her in a bid to keep their spousal privilege so she would not incriminate him.

She said Gigaba had done everything to hide his involvement in dodgy dealings; from registering a white BMW given to him by Ajay Gupta in a friend’s name, to bring in IT specialists, and even the Hawks to intimidate her and wipe their gadgets of incriminating evidence.

Mngoma said she was not testifying to get back at her estranged husband and she was not bitter – if anything - she said Gigaba was the one who didn’t want to divorce her.

“I was like ‘why can’t we divorce just because you are going to the commission?’ Because I didn’t understand how I get involved with the commission. Then he explained that if we divorce, we will lose the spousal privilege.”

She said the Guptas made life difficult for Gigaba by controlling him and being behind his ouster from public enterprises – so she didn't understand why he was intimidating her with the Hawks to hide what they did.

“One of them was sitting on my right, one on my left – they said I should put all my passwords in. They said to me I must cooperate with them because if I don’t, I will be arrested. I still wanted to argue but my son was behind me and he was crying.”

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Mngoma disputes Gigaba’s version that he visited Saxonwold about four times. She said he went at least 20 times.

She said one time, the former minister said money in a bag from the Guptas was for African National Congress elections, and other times she saw him use it to pay for suits in Sandton along with lunches. He denies it all.

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