Zondo Inquiry adjourns proceedings for serious security reasons

Commission chair Raymond Zondo made the announcement earlier during Thursday's evening session.

FILE: Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo is seen during a session of the commission of inquiry into state capture in Johannesburg on 16 November 2020. Picture: AFP

JOHANNESBURG - The state capture commission has had to adjourn proceedings on Thursday evening due to security reasons.

Commission chair Raymond Zondo made the announcement earlier during the session.

"There are security reasons for us to adjourn. I know that we were going to hear evidence and then Mr Peters' evidence, so we are going to have to adjourn. I'm sorry about that, it's a situation beyond everyone's control," Zondo said.

The inquiry had been hearing evidence from Norma Mngoma.

WATCH: State capture commission adjourns due to security threat

Earlier, Mngoma said that she cooperated with people that her estranged husband, Malusi Gigaba, brought to wipe her gadgets because they sat on either side of her and demanded her passwords while her son was upset and crying.

She said that while all this was happening, Gigaba was upstairs.

"One of them was sitting on my right-hand side, the other on my left. So this one on the right, said that I needed to put all my passwords and my PINS and they wanted to make sure that my gadgets are working. Firstly, we had an argument because I said 'no, why do I have to give you my gadgets because if you are doing an investigation you can take the gadgets because I work in the IT industry, you put them on the machine and you'll be able to download everything. I don't have to give you my passwords and PINs'. So they said I needed to cooperate with them because if I don't, I'm going to be arrested. I still wanted to argue with them but I looked at my son, who was behind me and crying. I was like let me not fight because I don't want my son to see this and just give them what they want."

Mngoma repeated that Gigaba had wanted to delete information on her devices so that the commission could not verify their movements, including their visits to the Guptas but she refused.

She said that she only got arrested for damage to property relating to the car two weeks after police had taken her gadgets.

Mngoma told the commission that it was not true that she was testifying because she was bitter and she could not blackmail Gigaba because she would get nothing.

Instead, she told the commission that she had already told Gigaba that she wanted a divorce but he told her to wait for him to testify first so that they could enjoy the spousal privilege of not testifying against each other.

She said that she found out in the media that Gigaba had filed for divorce after her ordeal.

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