State capture's Chaskalson vows to find Makhubo sold influence for tenders

Joburg Mayor Geoff Makhubo testified for the second time on Monday.

Joburg Mayor Geoff Makhubo appearing at the state capture commission on 17 May 2021. Picture: YouTube screengrab/SABC.

JOHANNESBURG - State capture inquiry evidence leader Matthew Chaskalson said he would ask Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo to find that Joburg Mayor Geoff Makhubo not only sold his influence for tenders but that he was repeatedly dishonest to the public about it.

Makhubo testified for the second time on Monday.

He talked about his questionable business relations with city suppliers including Regiments, EOH and its subsidiary TSS.

The state capture commission has dug up interviews that Makhubo did to explain his blatant conflicts of interest.

He told Amabhungane that he had resigned from his company Molelwane, which was paid by city contractors but he continued to manage its finances and get paid through it.

And he now wants to dispute what he said in a radio interview.

Chaskalson: “Mr Makhubo, I’m going to argue that it was a dishonest answer because what you said was that if any fees came, they went to staff, that has nothing to do with whether benefits were due or undue. You knew when you did the interview that the answer was not truthful.”

Makhubo: “I stick to my answer - I meant undue benefit.”

Chaskalson said he would ask Zondo to find that Makhubo sold his influence.

But Makhubo said: “No one bought influence from me; I stated that I wanted to derive value from Molelwane whatever is owed.”

Makhubo said he should be given the opportunity to challenge Chaskalson’s final arguments

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