Another postponement in alleged crime boss Modack and co-accused's case

Proceedings were postponed to next week Monday and all the accused except for Ricardo Morgan will remain in custody until then.

FILE: Nafiz Modack in court on 17 January 2018. Picture: Kevin Brandt/Eyewitness News.

CAPE TOWN - The bail application of alleged crime boss Nafiz Modack and several others implicated in the murder of detective Charl Kinnear didn't go ahead as planned.

Modack, Zain Kilian, Jacques Cronje, Ricardo Morgan and Anti-Gang Unit sergeant Ashley Tabisher were in the dock on Monday. They face a string of charges in a number of cases.

Modack, Morgan and Kilian have been implicated in Kinnear’s murder. Modack and Kilian are also accused of playing a role in the failed hit on defence lawyer William Booth.

Tabisher faces corruption charges for allegedly leaking sensitive information to Modack.

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Inside the court building, security was heightened with a thorough search for everyone entering. The security checks took longer than the actual proceedings.

Within a matter of minutes, the case was postponed as the magistrate was ill.

The case will be heard next Monday while all the accused will remain behind bars except for Morgan who was granted bail last week.

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