AKA temporarily steps back as Cruz Vodka ambassador

In a statement released by his management, the musician said he engaged with his business partners and felt it was best that he step back so he could "focus on the way forward".

AKA. Picture: 947

JOHANNESBURG - Rapper Kiernan Forbes, better known as AKA, announced on Friday he would be temporarily stepping down from his ambassadorial position with Cruz Vodka to deal with losing his partner, Anele Tembe, and everything else around her death.

The 22-year-old fell to her death at a Cape Town hotel last month.

In a statement released by his management, Forbes said he engaged with his business partners and felt it was best that he step back so he could "focus on the way forward".

Forbes also highlighted that this period had been a difficult one for him as he's also had to deal with accusations that he had a hand in her death and that their relationship was abusive and toxic.

Last week, photos and videos were leaked onto social media showing Forbes breaking down a door in the apartment he shared with Tembe, as well as Tembe holding an ice pack to her friend, allegedly at her friend's house following an argument with Forbes.

One video, taken by Forbes himself, shows what is presumed to be damage in their apartment caused by another separate argument between the two.

Shortly after the images began trending on social media, users called for Forbes' music to be muted on all radio stations and for him to pulled from gigs.

Forbes said all these images were taken out of context and his father, Tony, reportedly came to his defence telling Sowetan saying all relationships have their challenges, but that his son did not have a hand in Tembe's death.

Tony added that the allegations on social were causing further harm and hurt to his son.

"In time, I will share my side of the story in a sincere and honest manner, which will afford the greatest respect to the relationship I shared with Anele and both our families," Forbes said in his latest statement.

"I am not perfect, she was not without her flaws but I am not what events of the last few days have painted me to be. We were in love and had committed to each other."

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Earlier this week, Forbes also pulled out of performing in the annual 947 Joburg Day concert, set to take place on 28 May, for the same reasons.

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