Pro-Palestine demonstrators in CT call for sanctions against Israel

The protesters called on government to do more to show support for the people of Palestine.

Demonstrators hold banners and wave Palestinian flags as they march through the city centre of Cape Town, South Africa, on 11 May 2021 to protest against Israeli attacks on Palestinians in Gaza. Picture: Rodger Bosch/AFP

CAPE TOWN - A pro-Palestine march has concluded with Capetonians and politicians calling for sanctions against Israel.

They started the march at Hanover Street and ended at Parliament, calling on government to do more to show support for the people of Palestine.

It comes amid global outrage and concern at an eruption of fighting that has claimed dozens of Palestinian lives.

The African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL)'s Nonceba Mhlauli said that it was a humanitarian crisis.

"We can no longer march every day when the people of Palestine are being brutally killed on a daily basis. When government said that it was going to downgrade the embassy of Israel and it still has not done so, we must in our next course of action go and downgrade them ourselves," Mhlauli said.

The National Freedom Party (NFP) Ahmed Munzoor Shaik Emam also addressed the crowd.

"Many countries worldwide came together and imposed sanctions on South Africa to bring us to where we are today, why don't we, brothers and sisters, have the same stance now when it comes to the plight of the Palestinian people, whose rights are being violated every day and every night," Emam said.

The Good Party's Brett Herron said that the world must speak out against what was happening in Palestine.

"Our government, our country, our people can see apartheid. We can recognise the apartheid violent tactics that are killing Palestinians and Palestinian children. We stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people. When we are silent, we are complicit," Herron said.

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