Amnesty International calls for attacks on SA journos to end

It's Media Freedom Day and Amnesty International in South Africa has called on government to shield journalists from harassment and intimidation.


JOHANNESBURG - As the world marks Press Freedom Day, Amnesty International South Africa is calling on government to support journalists, ensuring that they are working free from intimidation and abuse.

The United Nations proclaimed this day in 1993.

In a more digitised world, journalist not only in South Africa, but globally are vulnerable to attacks even from those in positions of power.

Amnesty International in South Africa said that it wanted the attacks to stop.

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“The media in South Africa do not enjoy freedom like their counterparts in other countries. They are constantly finding themselves under attack sometimes by politicians and facing targeted harassment on social media,” said Genevieve Quintal of Amnesty International.

The latest attack was in February during coverage of the anti-mask protest in Fish Hoek.

Some journalists said they were targeted by students aligned with some political parties during the recent university fees protests.

Meanwhile, government has urged the public to commemorate media freedom by remembering brave journalists who risked their lives exposing truths to ordinary citizens.

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