Singh struggles to explain having 8 safety deposit boxes at Knox Vault

Singh was back at the state capture commission where he was testifying about allegations that he collected money from the Guptas and that one member of his former security detail, Witness 3, said that he deposited had the cash from the Guptas at Knox Vault.

A screengrab of former Eskom CFO Anoj Singh appearing at the state capture inquiry on 22 April 2021. Picture: SABC/YouTube

JOHANNESBURG - Former Transnet CFO, Anoj Singh, has struggled to explain why he initially said that he kept four deposit boxes at Knox Vault when state capture commission investigators had now found that he had eight.

He said that he told the commission that he did not recall and he offered an approximate number but he maintained that he used the deposit boxes for family items and documents and up to R200,000 in cash that he got from gambling and moonlighting.

Investigators found that Singh kept increasing the number and sizes of the boxes and paid the rental in cash in amounts of up to R9,000.

"That's where you got the money, gambling and moonlighting?" the evidence leader asked.

Inquiry chairperson, Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, also sought clarification: "You said that kept four boxes because the family consisted of four members. How do you now explain the fact that there were not four boxes, there were eight?"

To which Singh replied: "I did say that I did not recall the number of boxes that I had."

Singh also accepted that the state capture commission could not have fed Witness 3, a former member of his security detail, information about him depositing Gupta cash at his vault.

But he insisted that Witness 3 never drove him there.

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