Lindani Myeni's widow battles to make sense of his killing at hands of US police

The 29-year-old former KwaZulu-Natal rugby player was shot dead by Hawaii police last week.

Lindsay and Lindani Myeni. Lindani was shot and killed by Hawaii police in April 2021. Picture: Facebook/Lindsay Myeni

CAPE TOWN - The widow of slain Lindani Myeni said that she was still battling to make sense of what happened on the night that her husband was killed in Hawaii.

The 29-year-old former KwaZulu-Natal rugby player was shot dead by police last week.

Myeni was killed after he was apparently mistaken for a robber.

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Police were called to the scene, a scuffle ensued and he was shot.

It was only on Thursday morning when Lindsay Myeni heard of her husband's death.

She and their two children had been waiting for him to return the night before.

Myeni has expressed gratitude for the outpouring of support and messages.

"People have been showing up at my house, there've been hundreds of phone calls expressing their love. Thank you for your support."

There has been an outcry that yet another unarmed black man...has been killed by white police officers in the United States.

A Gofundme campaign has been launched to get Myeni's body repatriated. It aims to raise US$100,000.

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