Mahumapelo writes to NCOP to clear his name after collapse of NW govt

In a letter to NCOP chair Amos Masondo, which Eyewitness News has seen, Mahumpelo said he wanted to make representations in public to address a series of incidents before and after his removal.

FILE: Supra Mahumapelo announces his retirement as North West premier at Luthuli House in Johannesburg on 23 May 2018. Picture: @MYANC/Twitter

JOHANNESBURG - Former North West Premier Supra Mahumapelo has written to the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) in a bid to clear his name after the collapse of the government in the platinum rich province.

In a letter to NCOP chair Amos Masondo, which Eyewitness News has seen on Wednesday, Mahumpelo said he wanted to make representations in public to address a series of incidents before and after his removal.

Mahumapelo took “early retirement” in 2018 in the wake of #SupraMustFall demonstrations in the province with his role as African National Congress (ANC) provincial chairperson also being taken from him as his executive committee was dissolved.

The province was also placed under administration after weeks of civil unrest.

Mahumapelo and his allies have maintained this was part of the purge of those who did not support President Cyril Ramaphosa’s campaign to lead the ANC.

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Mahumapelo finally wants to share his thoughts on his ousting.

In the letter dated 6 April 2021 and addressed to the NCOP chair, Mahumapelo seeks a chance to account and to clear the reputational damage he said he had suffered since his removal in 2018.

Some of the issues Mahumapelo said he wanted to address included the Section 100 invoked for his home province, the Revolutionary Council, which called for his removal, the North West Business Forum as well as the role of some ministers and NEC members during that period.

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He also wants an opportunity to speak on demonstrations that took place along with the oversight conducted by the legislature and the role of some law enforcement agencies.

Mahumapelo maintains that media and political analysts laid the blame for the state of the troubled province squarely on his shoulders.

The former premier, now ANC MP, also said he knew his detractors would label him as an attention seeker and someone who wanted public sympathy but this was his pursuit of justice.

Read the full letter below:

The NCOP Chairperson
Hon A Masondo
RSA Parliament

6 April 2021


As you are aware Hon Masondo, the Executive arm of the state of the Republic of South Africa under President Ramaphosa, took a decision in 2018 to invoke section 100 of the constitution based on reasons they have reported to the NCOP in line with the constitution.

For the record, it is important for me to state herein that I was deployed as the Premier of the North West Province from May 2014-August 2018. The Sec 100 terms of reference mainly but not exclusively, focus on the period during which I served as the Premier.

In line with Sec 69 (d) of the RSA Constitution, I hereby request that, I be provided with an opportunity to bring to the attention and seek the indulgence of the NCOP on the following issues the list of which is not exhaustive:

The 2018 Sec 100 and political machinations
The 5th Administration inheritances (necessary burden of leadership)
The NW business forum, role and politics
The so-called Revolutionary Council and its role in Sec 100
The role of some Ministers and ANC NEC members
The 5th Administration and Combating of Greed Crime & Corruption
Evidence on so-called Mahikeng Community Protests
The Oversight role of the NW Provincial Legislature 2014-2018
Questionable role of the Law enforcement agencies
The 5th Administration’s RRR Vision and NDP

If provided with an opportunity to make oral representation, I shall include other issues. Included in the presentation, I shall detail why I urged the NCOP not to appoint or continue with Hon Dodovu the Chair and Member of the NCOP Adhoc Committee on Sec 100 based on adhere to the principles of fairness, unbiasness and credibility.

I make this Sec 69 (representations) request Hon Chairperson premised on the following:

Oath we all undertake as public representatives based on the constitution
The Inter-Ministerial Task Team none response to my request to hear my version
Transparency, Fairness, Dignity and Human Rights
Political and personal permanent reputation damage
Possible abuse of power
The interest of the public in the entire matter

All media houses in South Africa and almost the entire spectrum of political analysts and commentators, singled me out as a person at the centre of the so-called, total collapse of governance in NW in 2018. I am concerned that both the NCOP and the Cabinet Inter-Ministerial Task Team have never called me to account for the so-called total collapse of governance in the province during my tenure as Premier. As public representatives we are accountable to the people directly and through parliamentary protocols.

It is my suggestion Hon Chairperson of the NCOP that, should I be granted an opportunity to make representation to the NCOP, the proceedings should be held in public. I hope that you will understand this this because, my reputation damage was executed with precision through the court of public opinion and remains as such.

I know that my detractors, especially the political reputation damage activists, will do everything possible to characterize me as an attention seeker, scape goatist, seeker of public sympathy etc. Such characterization have no impact on me. What I simply plead for as a South African citizen, is, justice. I look forward to receiving a response in this regard.

Yours in Government Accountability to the people


Sor Mahumapelo
Former Premier
Current MP

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