Voorstekraal community living in fear of losing youth to drug merchants

Leaders in the Overberg community have told Eyewitness News that young girls and school children have been recruited to sell drugs.

Voorstekraal is a small community 136 kilometres outside of Cape Town; its residents say they had been trying to keep drug lords and gangsters out of the area, with no success. Picture: Graig-Lee Smith/Eyewitness News.

CAPE TOWN – The community of Voorstekraal in the Overberg said that gang leaders and drug lords were using school children and young people in the area.

Community leaders told Eyewitness News that young girls and school children had been recruited to sell drugs.

Parents in the community were afraid that their children would end up selling drugs for the gang leaders.

A concerned parent said that she had had many sleepless nights.

"We've been writing letters; we have been signing petitions, yet drug lords just come in and they make and please like they do into our areas."

She said that there had been a spike in shootings in this small rural town.

"Never has there been any guns in our areas as long as I've known. Now police are looking for guns in our areas."

The Western Cape standing committee on community safety said that the police needed to deploy more people to rural areas.

Committee chairperson Reagan Allen said: “During our last engagement with SAPS towards the end of March 2021, we have learned that poor management from a national level in the supply chain, for example, has hampered plans to bring perpetrators to book.”

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