Donors raise nearly R1.5m for COVID-19-infected Dr Sindi van Zyl

Dr Van Zyl has been battling COVID-19-related complications in hospital for weeks now.

Dr Sindi Van Zyl. Picture: @sindivanzyl.

JOHANNESBURG - South Africans have managed to raise close to R1.5 million for well-known medical doctor Sindi van Zyl’s medical fees.

Van Zyl has been battling COVID-19-related complications in hospital for weeks.

However, as the outpouring of generosity continues, questions have also been raised about medical aid cover and COVID-19.

It's anyone’s worst nightmare but it's currently Van Zyl’s reality.

Her family said that she was "in between" medical aids when she suddenly needed the life-saving medical care, including a ventilator.

But had she been on medical aid, all costs would have been covered, as senior clinical manager at the Council for Medical Schemes, Dr Oluritini Modupe, explains: "COVID-19 was gazetted as a prescribed minimum benefit diagnosis in April 2020 as one of the immediate reponses to the pandemic."

Modupe also said that there were arrangements that individuals could make when “in between” medical aid providers.

"Conditions can be covered in between transition between one medical aid and another, which can be negotiated between the medical aid, the healthcare provider, the valid beneficiary member. So, motivations can be sent across to the one who is intending to join to ensure that cover is not lost."

There are currently about 21,600 active COVID-19 cases in South Africa.

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