Brown defends appointments she made as Public Enterprises minister

Lynne Brown is back at the state capture commission on Monday, where evidence leaders are focusing on the appointment of Richard Seleke as director-general.

A screengrab of former Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown giving evidence via video link before the state capture inquiry on 22 March 2021. Picture: SABC/YouTube

JOHANNESBURG - Former Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown is again before the state capture inquiry answering questions about contentious appointments in that department.

Evidence leaders have focused on the appointment of Richard Seleke as director-general.

Brown told the Zondo Commission that his CV came through the general careers portal and he was interviewed by a panel comprising two ministers, a deputy minister and members of the HR department.

She said that Seleke interviewed better than other candidates and met all the criteria.

"Seleke actually performed much better than the other candidates and a number of other issues but, I mean, just on that alone," Brown told the inquiry.

Seleke allegedly interfered in the awarding of a multi-million rand tender for communications and events management.

He had worked with the company's owner during another government job.

Brown also told the state capture commission that she had no direct link in appointing then-Eskom CEO Brian Molefe and CFO Anoj Singh.

The commission today heard how under Brown's leadership and her term as minister, no proper employment procedures were followed in the appointment of the two men.

"Look, chair, you must remember that we've all come through a very dark period, literally and figuratively, so Mr Molefe overwhelmed all of us."

Brown defended Molefe's appointment at the time as permanent CEO of Eskom.

"I still think that what he did in terms of the company in those first few months was actually remarkable. There are 42,000 people who work for Eskom and for the first time they've seen their CEO within a few weeks."

WATCH: Lynne Brown returns to Zondo Inquiry

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