Molefe denies getting money in black suitcase from Chinese men

Molefe has concluded another session at the state capture commission but he is expected to return later on.

Former Eskom CEO Brian Molefe appears at the state capture inquiry on 15 January 2021. Picture: SABC/YouTube.

JOHANNESBURG - Former Transnet CEO Brian Molefe has told the state capture inquiry he never met Chinese men in Vereeniging, and he didn’t get money from them in a black suitcase.

Molefe has on Wednesday concluded another session at the state capture commission but he is expected to return later on.

‘Witness three’ a protector for former CFO Anoj Singh, said he collected a maroon bag for Singh that he later found out contained R200 notes and Molefe’s protector also took a black bag but Molefe said that was not true.

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“We once or twice had strategic sessions at the Three Rivers Lodge,” Molefe accepted that he met his colleagues in Vereeniging, but he denied that while they were there, Chinese men arrived with suitcases or that their drivers left with those suitcases.

Singh’s driver said two bags were taken inside and then Singh called him to take a maroon bag into his car and the black bag was taken into Molefe’s car.

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But Molefe denies this: “The next Monday, Singh drove to Carlton Centre with his BMW M3. I was about to take Singh’s car to the car wash, so I checked for valuables, I saw the maroon bag but it weighed less than on Friday. I opened it, it had R200 notes, I SMSed him. He came down and collected the bag."

When the commission asked what happened to the black bag, he said no black bag went into his car.

Molefe said the only bag he left with had his clothes inside.

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Zondo said he was shocked that Molefe signed off a settlement agreement in which Transnet paid R20 million to general Sphiwe Nyanda’s company Abalozi.

That’s even though the former communications minister’s company had agreed to withdraw its claim against the Freight Agency.

Transnet sued Abalozi for claiming payments for no work done and Abalozi filed a counter application of R95 million for reputational damage and loss of income.

The parties agreed to withdraw their lawsuits but Transnet still paid Abalozi R20 million.

Molefe said he played golf with Nyanda and often participated in tournaments that he organised to raise funds in eSwatini.

But he said when he approved the settlement, he believed Transnet was wrong because executives had withheld information from Abalozi.

“Chairperson, I feel like I may have made a mistake here.”

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