No choice but to euthanise 7 of the escaped Bonnievale crocs - CapeNature

CapeNature said that the safety of the surrounding community came first.

Humane trap cages have been set up on the riverside of the Breede River to attempt to recapture the remaining animals on the loose. Picture: Supplied

CAPE TOWN - Seven of the crocodiles that escaped from a Bonnievale breeding farm have had to be euthanised.

Twenty-seven others have been recaptured and six more were spotted but got away.

It's unclear how many broke through a fence on Wednesday.

CapeNature has set trap cages with bait but it appears that the crocodiles are not falling for it.

This means that night patrol teams have to hunt them down as CapeNature's Petro van Rhyn explains: "These are nocturnal animals so we can actually only capture them at night."

A statement from CapeNature said that it was left with no choice but to euthanise the seven crocodiles because time was of the essence and the reptiles were not part of the natural fauna of the Western Cape.

CapeNature added that the safety of the surrounding community came first.

The body will also investigate whether there was a breach in complying with the regulations which could have resulted in the escape of the young crocodiles.

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