The fence is an insult, says family of boy who drowned in Mamelodi quarry

A wire fence has now been erected around the area, four days after seven-year-old Siyabonga Mabila and four-year-old Lawrence Tshwenu drowned.

The families of 2 boys from the Kopanong informal settlement in Mamelodi are demanding answers after they drowned in an unsecured quarry at a road construction site. Picture: Thando Kubheka/Eyewitness News

MAMELODI - The family of one of the boys who drowned in a quarry at a construction site in Mamelodi told Eyewitness News on Wednesday the securing of the site was too little too late.

A wire fence was erected around the area four days after seven-year-old Siyabonga Mabila and four-year-old Lawrence Tshwenu drowned while swimming.

The tragedy happened at the Skeirlik Mountain View informal settlement on Saturday.

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Tshwenu’s uncle, Deon Moor, said the fence was nothing short of disappointing.

“It's an insult to the family and community at large.”

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Moore said children would easily access the quarry due to poor quality of the fencing.

“The fence is not strong; kids can still easily go over the fence or the nyaope people can cut off the fence and leave it open again.”

Their mothers told Eyewitness News earlier this week that the children's lives could have been spared had the contracted construction company fenced off the dangerous area.

The Gauteng Roads and Transport Department, which is responsible for contracting the implicated construction company, has launched an independent forensic investigation.

The two boys will be laid to rest on Saturday.

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