Some CT parents nervous, yet relieved to see kids return to school

Eyewitnesses News finds out how COVID-19 has affected the first day of the 2021 academic year.

One of the parents that spoke to Eyewitness News said that she was that happy schools were open. Picture: Graig-Lee Smith/Eyewitness News

CAPE TOWN - It's the first day of the school year and for many it's the start of their academic careers, however, this year it's a very different experience.

Eyewitnesses News finds out how COVID-19 has affected this milestone event.

This is a first day of school like no other.

Usually, it's common to see children crying and clinging to their parents.

However, at Woodville Primary in Mitchells Plain, it's the parents who are more nervous than their children.

Social distancing and safety protocols are observed as parents drop off their Grade 1s.

They are only allowed to walk with them to the front of the gate.

These parents say they are happy schools are open: "Being at home with her, and I liked her being at home, but I feel that she needs some structure," one mother said.

"I feel excited but also a little nervous because of the pandemic," another mother said.

A third parent said: "It's good that they're open because the children aren't really learning anything at home."

In the Western Cape, 1.1 million pupils return to the classroom from today.

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