WC sets up electric generators on standby to safeguard vaccine rollout

During phase one, the province expects to administer the vaccine to an estimated 132,000 health care workers.

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CAPE TOWN - Electric generators are on standby to help safeguard the Western Cape's COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

Provincial health officials on Thursday outlined a number of measures being put in place to ensure hassle-free inoculation.

During phase one, they expect to administer the vaccine to an estimated 132,000 health care workers.

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Provincial Head of Health doctor Keith Cloete said a final list outlining specific vaccination sites was being drawn up.

“The -70°C storage capacity for the Pfizer vaccine has been confirmed with the Stellenbosch University. Ninety-three vaccine-friendly fridges delivery has started commencing. Our generators have all been assessed and portable generators are on standby in the facilities.”

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Cloete said police and law enforcement were also on board to safeguard vaccines when they arrived.

“We’ve also drawn on the lessons learnt from phase two and three from other settings. So, these are the key drivers of success in top-performing countries: high-level commitment, a patient database is essential, an appointment system and data and meticulous monitoring and daily reporting.”

A consignment of Johnson & Johnson vaccines is expected to arrive in the country next week.

These single-shot vaccines need to be stored at between 2°C and 8°C.

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