SA study to trial antiviral Triazavirin as COVID-19 treatment

A local study will involve 64 people.


CAPE TOWN - The race to find effective COVID-19 drug therapies is in full swing.

Another study has started, this time the antiviral drug Triazavirin, will come under the microscope.

It's been available in Russia since 2015.

A local study will involve 64 people.

The trial’s lead investigative scientist, Dr Neil Martinson, explains: "We will be looking at estimates of how much virus is sitting in the back of the throats of people who are randomly allocated to receive Triazavirin or randomly allocated to receive the placebo and we are hoping to show that those receiving our drug have a faster rate of clearance of the virus than the ones who received placebo."

If the drug is found to be effective in treating patients, research will be expanded.

"We will be able to test whether the drug is of any benefit both biologically and it if does have a biological effect, we will test that it does indeed have a beneficial effect on patients in some quite hard outcomes like prolonged admission to hospital, whether or not people got intubated or ventilated and whether or not they survived the admission."

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