Police arrest one of their own after video shows officer transporting alcohol

Police identified that the incident occurred in Centurion, Tshwane.

Police confiscate booze worth R125k from a North West home after a tip-off. Image: SAPS

JOHANNESBURG - A Tshwane police officer is in deep trouble. The official is at the centre of an investigation after using a police van to transport and drop off alcohol.

A video clip caught the attention of the South African Police Service’s (SAPS) top brass and an internal probe was launched.

The ban on the movement and sale of alcohol was extended this week and police have been arresting citizens for violating the regulations.

Now, they have handcuffed one of their own.

The police 's Mathapelo Peters said: “It was found that the incident happened at a shopping in Centurion policed by Lyttleton SAPS, and an unconfirmed volume of liquor was being offloaded from the South African Police van, suggesting that the vehicle was used to illegally convey alcohol."

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