Limpopo villagers hopeful ANC will deliver on its promise of jobs

Eyewitness News visited Seleteng in Ga-Mphahlele where January 8 celebrations were supposed to be held to hear what the residents wanted to tell President Ramaphosa.

FILE: An ANC flag. Picture: Eyewitness News

SELETENG, GA-MPHAHLELE - Villagers in Limpopo said they were desperately hoping the African National Congress (ANC) would still deliver on its yearly promise of sustainable jobs when President Cyril Ramaphosa delivered the party’s January 8 statement on Friday night.

The residents of Ga-Mphahlele and other surrounding villages were disappointed when the ANC was forced to hold its 109th birthday celebrations virtually because of the rising COVID-19 infections.

ANC leaders usually descend on the area to hold rallies and conduct door to doors, raising hope among residents that life will change for the better once they hear their cries.

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Eyewitness News visited Seleteng in Ga-Mphahlele where the celebrations were supposed to be held to hear what the residents wanted to tell Ramaphosa.

Mangkgopodi Mphahlele sat with her colleagues under a shade at a local mobile library near municipal offices – it's a stone's throw away from where the green, yellow and black colours of the ANC would have been holstered at a local sporting field had the festivities gone ahead.

Mphahlele is an Expanded Public Works Programme employee. She cleans the streets and is her family's sole breadwinner.

“All I am crying for is a job - not a temporary job, but sustainable employment; not the eight months contract I am currently on.”

She said she was looking forward to Ramaphosa and Co’s visit to the village because she had questions about just how she - a 49-year-old mother of five - was meant to survive on her meagre monthly wages.

“It’s not even funny. We earn R100 a day - that is R2,200 a month. None of my children work.”

While Mphahlele is not part of the over 40 million unemployed South Africans, her precarious work conditions have left her disillusioned.

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