Zondo commission to request another extension

Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo is on Monday giving an update on the work of the state capture commission so far.

FILE: Deputy Chief Justice Zondo during the first public hearing on state capture allegations in Johannesburg on 20 August 2018. Picture: AFP.

JOHANNESBURG - Deputy chief justice and chair of the state capture commission Raymond Zondo has announced on Monday that they will be approaching the High Court to apply for another extension.

Zondo is giving an update on the work of the commission so far.

He said the inquiry lost about three months during the lockdown and that time needed to be covered.

He insists they have already heard the majority of the oral evidence.

“All we want is to just regain the three months that we lost as a result of the national lockdown. We think that will be enough and had there been no national lockdown, we would have completed oral evidence by this time and going into the new year with simply the preparation of the report,” Zondo said.

WATCH: Zondo gives update on the state capture commission's work