Pandor: Vaccine nationalism is a real threat for African countries

Minister Pandor is joined by other senior officials of the department including deputy ministers Alvin Botes and Candith Mashego-Dlamini.

FILE: International Relations Minister Naledi Pandor. Picture: Dirco.

JOHANNESBURG - International Relations and Cooperation Minister Naledi Pandor said vaccine nationalism was a real problem and government was closely monitoring this to make sure all African countries get fair access.

Pandor is addressing the media on Monday morning about the work her department did in 2020 as well as upcoming events in 2021.

There are global concerns that some countries will be bulk-buying vaccines for COVID-19, leaving others to wait even longer before they too can get access.

Some wealthier countries have struck deals with drug makers to secure millions of doses of promising candidates for its citizens.

Pandor said Africa was keeping a close eye on this: “Vaccine nationalism is seen as a very real threat and it could create supply problems for poorer countries and deny its citizens access to what might be life-saving vaccine. African Union Commission and the Africa Centre for Disease Control are paying close attention to this and seeking ways of ensuring all African counties enjoy access.”

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