Checkers' high-end store in Rosebank promises customers affordable prices

The first of its kind in SA ever! Checkers launched a high-end store in Rosebank which has a honey bar, an in store Starbucks, a sit-in sushi bar and more to the customer to experience.

Checkers has launched its new state-of-the-art supermarket at the Rosebank Mall in Johannesburg, Gauteng. Picture: Refilwe Pitjeng/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG – It seems Checkers don’t want their customers to leave the new Rosebank store - ever!

With a sushi bar, a honey bar (yes, a honey bar) and a full Starbucks experience in-store, you might as well get a sleeping bag and camp inside.

The retail giant opened its new state-of-the-art supermarket at Rosebank Mall on Thursday.

The upmarket store offers several unique specialty services including:

• A first-of-its-kind in-store Starbucks
• A honey bar offering three unique, local varieties of honey-on-tap, namely Buchu, Lucerne and Spring
• A sit-down sushi bar
• A decadent chocolatier bar with locally-made pralines and other delicacies (including sugar-free and vegan options) by Chocoloza
• An in-store Kauai
• A selection of meats and veggies expertly prepared on an imported rodizio grill

With this world-class shopping experience, what does it mean for the consumer’s pocket?

Baby Govender, Deputy Divisional Manager at Gauteng Checkers, assured consumers they could still expect affordable prices.

“Although Checkers is a premium store in Rosebank, we still have affordable prices. Customers can expect to find a wide range of goods at low prices.”

The store itself is Checkers’ latest FreshX supermarket.

Checkers launched its first FreshX store in 2017 to attract more affluent customers and grab market share from upmarket retailer, Woolworths.

The first of its kind in South Africa, this Checkers store also has honey on tap. Shoppers can get unique local honey variants like buchu and lucerne.

Glenda Philp, strategic projects at Real Foods explained how the honey bar will work:

“It’s very easy - customers will get jars to choose from and if you work it out, you’ll notice that this is the cheapest way of purchasing honey because you’re not paying for the packaging, you’re only paying for the honey. Customers will choose their blend of honey and open the tap system called the honey gate. They will pop their jar underneath and open the tap. The honey flows like liquid gold and once they are finished, they close the honey gate and they have their honey.”

If you’re wondering where this sweet golden liquid comes from, Philp assured customers that it’s purely local.

“It’s 100% local honey and the reason we did it is because there’s a lot of local honey available. It’s authentic honey which is unblended.”

Customers can also look forward to an improved layout, including wider aisles and seamless floors that allow trolleys to move with limited noise.