Makhubo asserts that govt contract that paid him R35m not conflict of interest

Makhubo's company Molelwane was paid more than R700,000 but he said there’s nothing wrong with his participation in that process.

Geoff Makhubo. Picture: Twitter/@Geoff_Makhubo

JOHANNESBURG - Johannesburg Mayor Geoff Makhubo maintains that attending mayoral committee meetings that decided to extend the regiments capital contract that paid him R35 million was not a conflict of interest

The regiments contract was initially for 2006 to 2011 but ended up going on until 2016 and during that time Makhubo was MMC for finance and his company Molelwane continued earning 10% of the fees paid by the City of Joburg.

Nearly R6 million of that money went to Makhubo’s personal account.

The mayor owned 67% of Molelwane and he said he told his lawyer to process his resignation from the company when he was appointed MMC for finance in 2011 – but he added “it was never to be”.

However, he also admitted that he didn’t want to give it up for free.

Over the years as MMC for finance he told the media he resigned and there was no conflict of interest but he remained in the company.

As soon as the mayoral committee that Makhubo sat in renewed the regiments contract Molelwane was paid more than R700,000 but Makhubo said there’s nothing wrong with his participation in that process.

“I did not think this one out of many as my responsibility to oversee the treasury of the city had to oversee this.”

The commission presented emails that regiments also wrote to Makhubo with attachments on decisions that the city should take.

He is expected back to testify about ANC donations that he requested as Johannesburg treasurer and EOH.

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