Local e-commerce sites expected to make huge sales this Black Friday

Consumers have been camping on e-commerce sites during the lockdown and it is expected Black Friday will be no different.

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JOHANNESBURG - Black Friday is here in a year like no other.

If international trends are anything to go by, South African online retailers would be hoping to have something to smile about after taking a beating, especially during the hard lockdown.

While mega brands, including Alibaba and Amazon, continue to smash records in online sales, how will local retailers fare?

A day that is usually characterised by scenes of people jostling to get their hands on household staples, such as toilet paper, will no doubt be different this year thanks to the COVID 19 pandemic.

But do words like wish list, shopping cart, and checkout sound appealing to you?

Consumers have been camping on e-commerce sites during the lockdown and it is expected that Black Friday will be no different.

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To decrease online and in-person store traffic some retailers opted for specials staggered over the month of November, and not just for a single day.

Creative director at e-commerce site One Day Only, Matthew Leighton, explained how the online shopping boom spilled over into this shopping extravaganza.

“Black Friday has sort of burst its banks in terms of being a single day. Major outlets are running Black Friday week. Customers are happy to spend the money on Monday or Tuesday. I think every year Black Friday reinvents itself,” Leighton said.

He said that while most consumers were working from home, their shopping patterns had also changed.

“Another notable thing of interest to see in 2020 with people working from home, shopping will be spread out throughout the day before we would normally see a huge spike from 6-7 or 7-8 with people doing shopping before they go to work. With the 9-5 being more flexible, we expect to see a considerable amount of people shopping throughout the day as opposed to just in the morning,” he said.

Predicted big buys for this year included tech products, appliances, and gaming consoles.

And in a year that has been one of the toughest for South Africans, consumers are being urged not to be sucked in by the lure of Black Friday only to end up in a black hole.

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