ANC’s Kodwa, Sintwa received EOH payments through company run by Makhubo

ENS Forensics exec Stephen Powell is testifying at the state capture commission that Molelwane ensured that TSS and EOH got work to install it services with government departments.

FILE: ANC's Zizi Kodwa at a press briefing on 22 January 2019. Picture: Kayleen Morgan/Eyewitness News.

JOHANNESBURG - ENS Africa forensics director Stephen Powell on Wednesday said Johannesburg Mayor Geoff Makhubo may have resigned from one of his companies, Molelwane Holdings, but he remained a director of Molelwane Consulting and it was that company that received payments.

Powell testified at the state capture commission that Molelwane ensured that TSS and EOH got work to install its services with government departments.

He said Molelwane was contracted to provide business development and advisory services by TSS, now EOH Africa, to get the company work from departments, including the CCMA.

Powell detailed payments that were made by director of IT company EOH, Jehan Mackay, to ANC officials, including Zizi Kodwa, former President Jacob Zuma’s advisor Siybulela Sintwa and Reggie Nkabinde.

“There was a payment of R50,000 to a Mr Kodwa again. And on 4 December, there was a payment of R40,000 to Mr Kodwa and on 18 December 2015, there was a payment of R100,000 to Mr Siyabulela Sintwa. On 2 February 2016, there was a payment of R30,000 to Mr Zizi Kodwa. On 27 January 2017, there was a payment of R50,000 to Mr Sintwa and the final payment of R500,000 payment was also made to a Mr Nkabinde.”


The commission also heard how Mfundi Mobile Networks, one of the companies linked to Makhubo, listed payments to the ANC as "cost of sales".

Powell said the network and Molelwane had the same accounting services advisor in Reno Barry.

Powell said Makhubo was both ANC greater Johannesburg treasurer general and director of Molelwane when TSS Africa’s Jehan Mackay made payments from his personal account to various party officials, including Kodwa, Sintwa and Nkabinde.

Mackay’s company also paid up to R580,000 for accommodation for ANC conferences.

Powell said in turn, TSS and EOH officials knew about confidential tender information and they had access to influential and politically connected people who could overrule government decisions in their favour.

But the common thread was that these companies and Makhubo’s company Molelwane had the same accounting advisor in Barry, including Mfundi Mobile Networks.

Powell said: The payment reflected on 14 August of R70,000.”

Evidence leader advocate Matthew Chaskalson asked: “And the line item description in relation to it?”

Powell responded: “Cost of sales – ANC.”

Chaskalson further asked, “So the payment by Mfundi to ANC is treated as a cost of sales by Mfundi?’

Powell responded, “That is correct, chair.”

Powell said Mfundi Mobile paid more than R34 million for purported work in the public sector but no evidence could be found of any such work.

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