SABC postpones retrenchment process to end of December

About 400 staffers were set to get Section 189 notices with 170 posts being created.

FILE: The SABC headquarters in Johannesburg. Picture: Supplied

JOHANNESBURG - The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) management on Tuesday suspended the retrenchment process at the public broadcaster until the end of next month.

About 400 staffers were set to get Section 189 notices, with 170 posts being created.

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Employees have been holding pickets at the corporation's headquarters in Auckland Park against this.

The public broadcaster resorted to retrenchments as it struggles to stay afloat financially.

The board said the process has been extended due to additional consultation after lengthy meetings with labour and other parties.

The SABC released a statement saying the executive is in talks with independent labour experts to explore alternative options to minimising the impact of retrenchments.

However, the state-owned parastatal emphasizes that the Section 189 process has not been terminated.

Last week, SABC news staff disrupted normal programming to air a heated discussion between board members and some workers in the newsroom.

Employees have been ventilating their frustrations during lunchtime pickets at the SABC in Auckland Park.

Management said it would jointly work with all participating parties, to further review the proposed structures with the intent to ensure that they are optimal to achieve its work.

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