WATCH LIVE: Zondo on Zuma: We do not have a personal relationship

Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo is hearing an application from Jacob Zuma's lawyers for his recusal from the state capture commission of inquiry.

FILE: Deputy Chief Justice Zondo during the first public hearing on state capture allegations in Johannesburg on 20 August 2018. Picture: AFP.

JOHANNESBURG - Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo said that he had no personal relations with former President Jacob Zuma and did not socialise with him but they had both attended similar official gatherings.

Zuma is expected to apply for Zondo’s recusal as chairperson of the state capture inquiry and he is attending in person.

Zondo previously said that he had a relationship and a child with the sister of one of Zuma’s wives 25 years ago, which was before Zuma met his wife.

Zondo started by clarifying what the Zuma legal team had referred to as historical family ties between them.

"Our personal relationship has been a cordial and pleasant one over the years but did not, generally speaking, involve discussions of any serious matters. This had to be so because we would normally interact when we met at the opening of Parliament or other government or State functions," Zondo said in a statement.

He said that they had invited each other to official meetings but all of them were more than 13 years ago.

Zondo said that neither he nor Zuma attended each others’ family gatherings or funerals.

The Deputy Chief Justice said that he has presided over several judicial matters involving both Zuma and his son, Duduzane, and his impartiality had never been in question.

WATCH: Zondo hears Zuma arguments for recusal from state capture inquiry