Bushiri escape: Malawi info minister doesn't know what laws he contravened

Speaking to 702's Clement Manyathela, Malawi Minister of Information Gospel Kazako said the Bushiri matter is not complicated, as they are waiting for their South African counterparts to contact them.

FILE: Shepherd Bushiri and his wife Mary. Picture: facebook.com/shepherdbushiriministries

JOHANNESBURG - The Malawi government on Monday said it was waiting for a formal communication from South Africa after self-proclaimed prophet Shepherd Bushiri skipped the country last week with his co-accused wife Mary, violating the pair's bail conditions.

The Pretoria Magistrates Court granted the Bushiris bail of R200,000 each after being arrested for their alleged involvement in fraud and money laundering worth over R100 million.

Speaking to 702's Clement Manyathela, Malawi's Minister of Information, Gospel Kazako, said the Bushiri matter was not complicated, as they were waiting for their South African counterparts to contact them.

"It is not up to us to get in touch with the South African government. At the moment we are just waiting for something formal. There hasn't been any formal approach that has been made to Malawi government.

"Once we receive the necessary communication we will certainly take the necessary actions and positions."

Kazako said they have signed numerous protocols as a country, and they would follow the law.

"This is not complicated, we know that it is a matter of law, a matter of principle of law. We will do what the law tells us to do.

"There is nothing special about Bushiri as far as we are concerned. The issue of Bushiri is not a special one.

"Officially, we don't know what he has done or what law he has contravened. Everything we are reading from the media."

He added that they are interested to find out how the Bushiris entered Malawi as this would help them to know where the weaknesses were in their borders.

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