Zak Yacoob on CSA's members council push back: No one will dictate our action

Addressing the media on Friday, chair Zak Yacoob said the nine-member team had “been mandated to do a clean-up job and we take it seriously”.

FILE: Zak Yacoob.  Picture: EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Cricket South Africa’s proposed board said they remained committed to the task handed to them by Sports Minister Nathi Mthethwa despite the members council choosing not a approve their appointment.

Addressing the media on Friday, chair Zak Yacoob said the nine-member team had “been mandated to do a clean-up job and we take it seriously”.

His comments come a day after the members council announced that after a meeting on Sunday, they had pulled the plug on their implementation due to “several unresolved issues".

They’ve accused the board of “overstepping and disregarding agreed upon duties, responsibilities and lines of accountability; and ultimately, a breakdown in the relationship between the Members Council and the proposed interim board”.

At the briefing, Yacoob explained that when the board was appointed by Mthethwa at the end of October, it was made clear that they would not report to the council or the minister.

“No one will dictate our action.”

Yacoob added that key to their job was a focus on the players.

“We want to maintain that the players remain interested, organised, and committed ahead of the limited-overs series against England. The Board and Ministry will leave no stone unturned to assist players.

In the briefing, Yacoob revealed in the fortnight that they worked with Cricket SA, the executive had a great deal of influence in excluding the board, revealing that, “those members of the administration who we have reacted with, and you must remember that Mr [Welsh] Gwaza is the company secretary in that context, have been uncooperative, difficult, unresponsive, arrogant and sometimes rude. And that has sometimes been part of the problem”.

Reflecting on the council’s response, Yacoob conceded that the Board may have broken their promise “because we began interfering too quickly and too soon and that made them uncomfortable”.

While they remain a proposed board with no legal power, Yacoob said they could “still work and create a good climate and liaise with organisations. We can pressure council and administration to recognise our position”.

As for Mthethwa’s response to the chaos as Cricket SA, he said, “It defies logic that within a very short space of time, Mr [Acting CSA President, Rihan] Richards alleges a breakdown in the relationship between the Interim Board and the Members’ Council."

Mthethwa added that the recent developments had shown that the “game of cricket is in a state of complete disarray and that my intervention in terms of the Act, would not only be warranted but would also be justified”.

He urged the council, especially Richards to give “consent, and his co-operation; in order to get to the bottom of what is rotten in South African cricket”.