Difficult day for Zondo as Myeni refuses to respond to key questions

Dudu Myeni appeared before the State Capture Commission on Wednesday, but refused to answer any questions.

Former SAA board chairperson Dudu Myeni testifying in her delinquency case at the High Court in Pretoria. Picture: Sethembiso Zulu/EWN

JOHANNESBURG – Former South African Airways (SAA) board chair Dudu Myeni stuck to her guns and refused to answer any questions at the state capture commission on Wednesday, in case she incriminated herself.

Initially she said she wouldn't answer questions related to SAA.

But she wouldn't confirm her qualifications, letters she wrote or minutes with her signature.

“May I not respond in case I incriminate myself.”

Did Myeni sign an undertaking to serve the interests of SAA when she was appointed board chair?

“May I not respond in case I incriminate myself.”

Did she know that the Public Finance Management Act prohibits irregular and fruitless expenditure or that a board member has fiduciary duties?

“May I not respond in case I incriminate myself," she asked.

At the same time, she admitted she didn't hold the B Administration degree that the Department of Public Enterprises listed as one of her qualifications.

“I am focused on poverty, inequality, and all other challenges of a woman leader. I have never had an opportunity to sit down and study the CVs of other people and align myself with them.”

Did she know what fraud was and that is a crime?

"Certainly, chairperson. As a responsible citizen, it is known that I know the definition of fraud and what it means. But chairperson, with your respect, I am not going to answer this question. I do not want to incriminate myself.”

Myeni will be back before the commission on Thursday.

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