Zondo shocked by former SAA board member Kwinana's testimony

Former SAA board member Yakhe Kwinana is this week testifying at the state capture commission.

A screenshot of former South African Airways (SAA) board member Yakhe Kwinana. Picture: SABC Digital News/ Youtube

JOHANNESBURG - At the state capture commission on Tuesday, Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo expressed shock by former South African Airways (SAA) board member Yakhe Kwinana’s testimony.

Kwinana spoke about a letter in which she accused Zimbabwean head of procurement Masimba Dahwa of doing his best to keep African people in economic bondage and of being part of a sinister retrogressive agenda aimed at reversing the transformation agenda of the government and SAA.

But Kwinana denied that this was animosity against Dahwa.

Dahwa told the commission that he refused instructions from Kwinana and board chair Dudu Myeni to sign contracts without procurement.

Kwinana earlier denied attending the meeting that Dahwa testified about in which he said Kwinana and Myeni threatened him and told him that the Economic Freedom Fighters would protest for him and other foreigners to be removed.

Zondo expressed his shock, saying: “His behaviour, you say, smacks of insubordination and conspiracy against the SAA board. You say, his attitude may be located in the fact that he did not share the agony of the people of South Africa.

"He’s from Zimbabwe. He has suffered - just like the African people in South Africa. Shjoe… Anyway (sic)."

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