Cell C shutting down? Not quite - you will still get service through MTN towers

It is being widely reported that the service provider is shutting down, but Tech guru Brendon Petersen says it is not that clear cut.

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Cell C is reportedly shutting down its network. This is not accurate says tech guru Brendon Peterson. It is a little more complicated than that he explains to Lester Kiewit on CapeTalk.

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Cell C's statement did not say it was shutting down its network, he notes.

That seems to be where the confusion has come in. I know there have been quite a few bits and pieces of news out there saying Cell C is shutting down, but I was able to chat to them directly to get a better understanding of what is going on.

Brendon Peterson, Tech journalist

In fact, Cell C will no longer be operating its own physical infrastructure such as the cellphone towers, he explains.

Cell C will be leasing the equipment from MTN.

So if you are a Cell C customer, you are still going to have service. It is still going to say Cell C. It is just not going to be routed through Cell C towers but rather through MTN towers. That's it.

Brendon Peterson, Tech journalist

How will this benefit Cell C?

Cell C will be freed up from the costly maintenance and repair of towers, says Peterson, which will save money.

Customers will still be able to buy Cell C data and airtime as usual as well as update contracts.

None of that is going to change. And I double-checked with Cell C as that was the biggest concern everyone has got.

Brendon Peterson, Tech journalist

Listen to the interview below:

Cell C asked for a right of reply following this interview and spoke to Lester Kiewit on Wednesday.

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