Malema: EFF to protest against companies who've claimed UIF and not paid workers

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema is calling for workers to contact the party to alert it of companies that had not paid the UIF.

EFF leader Julius Malema briefs the media during a virtual press briefing in Braamfontein on 26 October 2020. Picture: @EFFSouthAfrica/Twitter

JOHANNESBURG - Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema said that the party was planning mass action against all companies that have claimed the UIF from the state and have not paid their employees.

Malema is calling for workers to contact the party to alert it of companies that had not paid the UIF.

The red beret leader is speaking at a media briefing in Braamfontein on Monday afternoon on a wide range of issues, including the party's visit to Senekal this month, the appointment of Ranjeni Munusamy to Treasury, the unrest in Nigeria and the upcoming US presidential election.

Malema has also taken a moment to weigh in on the COVID-19 pandemic, urging South Africans to remain vigilant amid threats of a second wave of infections.

He said that people must exercise maximum caution: "The reality is that there is still no cure or vaccine for the coronavirus and the most dependable measure to limit its spread is social distancing, wearing of masks and recurrent hygiene practices, which include the washing of hands. The people of South Africa must stop behaving as if the coronavirus is gone. It is still here and the second wave of infection will kill a lot of people."

WATCH: EFF leader Julius Malema briefs the media


At the same time, Malema berated EFF members who disrupted the Polokwane Section 25 land hearings, saying the organisation did not champion anarchy.

The scheduled parliamentary public hearing had to be cancelled after the clashes between EFF and ANC members.

The Land Expropriation Bill is currently being discussed by communities across the country by the parliament’s ad hoc committee.

Malema said the disruptive EFF members robbed the people of Polokwane of an opportunity to state their views about the critical proposed amendments to Section 25 of the Constitution.

“I think the EFF was irresponsible in Polokwane. The people came much earlier and occupied seats. It is not about which party is inside, it is about the citizens. A disruption of Parliament and such important work, that we condemn, and it is irresponsible,” Malema said.

He stressed the importance of the process, saying that the land question remained one of the EFF’s key policy pursuits.

“The secretary-general will travel to Polokwane to find out what actually happened. It cannot be the EFF that disrupts a meeting that is supposed to achieve the expropriation of land without compensation,” he said.

The EFF brought the motion in Parliament to amend the section in the constitution seeking to allow land to be expropriated without compensation.

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