CSA board resigns

All resignations have been confirmed to be effective immediately except for three members.

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JOHANNESBURG - Cricket South Africa on Monday morning confirmed the resignation of all board members following this weekend’s resignation of Acting Preident Beresford Williams alongside Angelo Carolissen, John Mogodi, Donovan May, Tebogo Siko and Dheven Dharmalingam.

CSA stated that during a meeting on “Sunday, 25 October 2020 held to discuss a roadmap for Cricket South Africa, the Members’ Council received and accepted resignations from all the Board members.”

All resignations have been confirmed to be effective immediately except for three members:

“Zola Thamae, John Mogodi and Donovan May, who will remain as directors until the interim board structure, has been appointed to ensure the continuity and stability of the organisation.”

In the interim, Rihan Richards has been appointed Acting President of the Members’ Council and “in accordance with the provisions of the CSA Memorandum of Incorporation, be Chairperson of the Board and thus the fourth member of the Board.”

Richards, on behalf of CSA, thanked the outgoing members:

“The Members’ Council sincerely thanks every member who diligently served on the Board, and selflessly sacrificed their time for extended and often, overwhelming periods, to assist Cricket South Africa in addressing some very burdensome conditions.

“We appreciate their commitment to cricket, and despite the turbulent economic climate, Cricket South Africa, under their leadership, received an unqualified audit for the financial year ending 30 April 2020. We wish them well in their future endeavours.”

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