Angry Ocean View residents picket outside tourist hotspots over housing demands

Demonstrators have taken to the streets of Fish Hoek this weekend.

FILE: Ocean View protest. Picture: EWN

CAPE TOWN - Angry Ocean View protesters in the Cape Peninsula said they’ll picket at tourist hotspots and outside the home of council members if their demands for housing is not heard.

Demonstrators have taken to the streets of Fish Hoek this weekend.

They say the City of Cape Town neglected to consider or include them in the multimillion-rand Dido Valley Housing Project.

Many of those residing in Ocean View were forcefully removed from Dido Valley during the apartheid era, with many still on waiting lists to receive housing.

"We want our land back."

This is what disgruntled residents from Ocean View are saying, as they call on local government for their voices to be heard.

They say they were not consulted about a new housing development in Dido Valley, nor are they included as beneficiaries.

Demonstrators on Saturday marched to Sub-Council 19 Chambers to hand over their list of demands.

Ocean View community activist Vasco Vigis said: "All we want to do is be heard and all we want to do is partake in this process but we are excluded."

Vigis said if they have not received feedback from the City within 20 days there would be more protests.

"If they don't listen to us, then we are going to picket. We are going to picket outside councillors' homes, outside tourist venues."

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