Suspects arrested for Brendin Horner murder allegedly bragged about the killing

Both men have denied killing the 21-year-old or even being on the farm where he was murdered.

FILE: Sekola Matlaletsa and Sekwetja Mahlamba, two suspects accused of murdering Brendin Horner at the Senekal Magistrates court on 16 October 2020. Picture: Abigail Javier/Eyewitness News.

SENEKAL - Gerhardus Myburgh, the investigating officer in the Brendin Horner murder case, on Friday told the Senekal Magistrate’s Court that the men accused of his murder were heard bragging about what they did to him at the local tavern.

Sekola Matlaletsa and Sekwetje Mahlamba applied for bail after they were charged with Horner’s killing.

Both men have denied killing the 21-year-old or even being on the farm where he was murdered.

Myburgh told the court how a witness told police he saw three men walking away from the farm the morning after Horner was killed.

He said all men were in wet clothes and one had blood on his clothes.

This raised eyebrows in the court as pants with blood were found in Mahlamba’s house, but he insisted he had worn them when he was helping to slaughter a sheep for a neighbour’s traditional ceremony.

The court also heard how a witness heard the accused bragging about assaulting a white man in Paul Roux and taking his car- something they have denied - with Mahlamba going as far as saying he does not know his fellow accused Matlaletsa and has only seen him around their township.

The matter has been postponed to next Tuesday where Myburgh will be cross-examined.


Meanwhile, Police Minister Bheki Cele highlighted the importance of government acting tough on the perpetrators of crime.

Cele was speaking after the bail application, calling for crime to be dealt with decisively after a 33-year-old businessman was arrested last night in connection with the violent protest that erupted outside the court last week.

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