Zille: DA will keep promoting non-racialism, improving lives of disadvantaged

The party’s leaders on Monday provided an update on policies adopted during its virtual policy conference over the weekend.

FILE: DA Federal Council chairperson Helen Zille. Picture: Sethembiso Zulu/EWN

CAPE TOWN – Democratic Alliance (DA) federal council chairperson Helen Zille on Monday said that the party would continue focusing on promoting non-racialism and improving the lives of the disadvantaged.

The party’s leaders provided an update on policies adopted during its virtual policy conference over the weekend.

Zille said that they were also prioritising reducing “red tape” that hindered business opportunities.

“No government on this continent, I think, has done more to enable poor and disadvantaged [people], especially children to get access to networks because we put in broadband into every single school, except a few very far-flung remote rural schools for which we made alternative arrangements,” she said.

Zille stressed that the party always practiced accountability.

“The most red tape is the national government’s finance or Treasury directives, which tried to curb corruption but never seem to do it in ANC governments. All they just do is create more red tape for the DA government to get through. Our governments are clean. Obviously, there are human beings in them and sometimes there is corruption, but we do practice accountability and people are held to account,” Zille said.

The DA maintains that the country’s economic policy under the African National Congress’ (ANC) governance impeded growth capacity and blocked more South Africans from access to jobs in the labour market.

According to the party, current laws target elites as opposed to their proposals which target the vulnerable and disadvantaged.

On its political hot potato, the role of race in the economy, the DA believes that the common justification for using demographic quotas or targets is broken.

It instead advocates for equality and acknowledges that not everyone has a fair chance in life.

Additional reporting by Theto Mahlakoana.

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