Mokonyane unhappy lucrative Eskom contract for husband was not concluded

Former Cabinet minister Nomvula Mokonyane on Thursday returned to the Zondo Commission where she admitted there was a deal, while also trying to set the record straight.

A screengrab of former Cabinet minister Nomvula Mokonyane giving evidence at the state capture inquiry on 3 September 2020. Picture: SABC/YouTube

JOHANNESBURG - Former Cabinet Minister Nomvula Mokonyane on Thursday nonchalantly described to the state capture commission of inquiry how the R2.2 million deposit for her Aston Martin was paid by friends on the promise of a lucrative Eskom deal between them and her husband.

Mokonyane returned to the commission where she admitted to the deal, while also trying to set the record straight on other issues.

She said she remembered that her birthday was held at the Victoria Hotel, a fact she had earlier denied. But she said it was her 40th birthday, and not her 50th, that was celebrated there.

Mokonyane was the premier of Gauteng on her 50th birthday when her late husband made a deal with friends to pay the R2.2 million deposit for her Aston Martin. She was clear that this was on the belief that her friend would get an Eskom contract.

“We’re a family that has friends who have always understood our pain of always being deprived of opportunities, and like I’m saying, this Eskom issue was almost on the table, it was almost a done deal, but up until today people at Eskom have made sure that it stays with those who have been doing the job for over 25 years,” Mokonyane said.

Mokonyane was unhappy that the contract was not concluded, saying that the loan remained unpaid as well.

“I still believe that these are some of the real issues about real capture in Eskom. We are still in court with my dead husband, we still have to pay lawyers because we are still fighting for that lucrative contract,” she said.

Mokonyane did not appear to see anything wrong with this arrangement.

WATCH: State capture commission proceedings

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