Zuma: Ramaphosa accused entire ANC of corruption to save his own skin

Former President Jacob Zuma was responding to the president's letter to the ANC last Sunday where Cyril Ramaphosa spoke out against those in the governing party who engaged in such conduct.

Former President Jacob Zuma at the state capture commission on 17 July 2019. Picture: Abigail Javier/Eyewitness News

JOHANNESBURG - Former President Jacob Zuma has written a scathing letter to President Cyril Ramaphosa over his recent utterances against corruption in the African National Congress (ANC) and the state.

In the president’s letter to the nation this week, Ramaphosa decried the extend of corruption in the country, speaking out against those in the governing party who engaged in such conduct.

* Read the full letter Ramaphosa sent to the ANC on corruption

Zuma said that Ramaphosa’s approach was flawed, saying that his utterances would only serve to destroy the ANC given that it attributed to the entire party and its ordinary members the misconduct of a few who could access state power and its resources.

He further argued that the letter played right into the hands of those who sought to destroy the ANC and build a counter-revolutionary party under the guise of fighting corruption.

* Read the full text of Jacob Zuma's letter to Cyril Ramaphosa

Zuma accused Ramaphosa of labelling the ANC as accused number one in the COVID-19 corruption scandals.

He added that since the formation of the party over 100 years ago, Ramaphosa was the first president to publicly accuse ANC members of corruption and that the party should, as an organisation, bury its head
in shame for the recent events which exposed mass-scale corruption over COVID-19 resources.

Zuma said that he viewed Ramaphosa’s letter as a diversion and a public relations exercise which accused the entire ANC in order for the sitting president to save his own skin.

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